Dear Parents-


Your child deserves a birthday party that's special and fun, but there are so many choices available.  YOU should be able to choose entertainment you can TRUST -- entertainment that is:


Family friendly. Easy to use. Professional, guaranteed FUN!


Which is exactly what you'll get from...


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Charlie will roll into your living room with a self-contained rig, and 10 minutes later be ready to start performing for your guests!  You don't need to provide ANYTHING extra, it's a self-contained show -- and there's NO clean up for you afterward.


Who is " Charlie, " and why should you call him?


"Charlie" is actually Leland Stone.  I'm a professional magician, and yes, I became a member of the Academy of Magical Arts ("The Magic Castle") several years ago.  I specialise in children's birthday parties, and I'm also a parent.  read more... 


What kind of show do you bring?


The big, colourful extravaganzas that YOU remember from childhood -- but updated for today!  Your show will be filled with bright scarves that disappear and change, ropes that cannot be cut, rings of steel that melt apart and magically join together.  You might even get a visit from my magical raccoon pal "Roxie" or some of her furry friends!


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